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A married couple who started their journey for Dogs of Glory in 2008

Welcome to Dogs of Glory

We are a married couple who started our journey for Dogs of Glory with our first little doggy (Boerie – in 2008).

We both grew up with animals, and especially dogs. In Bloemfontein we started working more with dogs, especially while training Nina for therapy dog work. Our pack started to grow and fostering and helping at our local shelter became a passion and winning formula for us. During lock-down we realized that working with animals, especially dogs, is something that we are both good in, and gifted with. We recently moved to Hogsback in the Amathole Mountain range to live out our dream (one that has been planned since 2012). Hogsback gives us access to large amounts of dogs, as well as other animals (like baboons and monkeys). And the routes and nature scenes here is surreal.

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Meet The Founders

Your pet’s health,  grooming and well-being are our top priority.

Billy Breytenbach

Dog Behaviorist and Trainer

I evaluate and adapt dog behavior, according to what is best for the animal first, and lastly the human companion. I have an affinity for communication with animals (especially canines), and have a gift for socializing dogs in packs, and dog rehabilitation.

I love being in nature, with animals, my wife, and our son Liam. Doing this work, allows us to have an amazing family life, in an amazing place (Hogsback).

Gerna Breytenbach

Dog Behaviorist and Trainer

I create the loving and caring space for any new dog that we train. My affinity to human baby rehabilitation and Kinetics translates well into working with animals. I grew up on a dairy farm so working with all animals is ingrained into my soul.

I love working in nature with God’s creatures, giving back!