Few Packages

Dogs of Glory Services and Price List

Meet and greet / Evaluation

Consultation per hour

Rescue Rate: R100 per dog

Normal Rate: R150 per dog

Environmental + social integration and communication

Home visits and programs – self paced with regular follows-ups and evaluations

Rescue Rate: R80 per session

Normal Rate: R110 per session

Working Hours

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Basic training, dog psychology and socialization

Introductory Program

Rescue Rate: R320 per month (R40 per class)

Normal Rate: R480 per month (R 60 per class)

Specialized Training

Therapy, service, worker, trainer or guard dog Specialized Rehabilitation (Only on request)

Rescue Rate: R1000 per month

Normal Rate: R1250 per month

Doggy walks

Pack walking and intro to pack dynamics

Rescue Rate: R80 a walk

Normal Rate: R120 a walk

Doggy day care

Mainly for tourist / visitors

Rescue Rate: R150 a day

Normal Rate: R200 a day