Services personalized for your family

Filling in Evaluation form and meeting human and dog.

Basic obedience training and socialization with other dogs and humans at scheduled classes.

Focused canine and human training at home with a home program.

Therapy, service, worker, trainer, or guard dog.

Canine specific behavioral problems, abuse, and neglect rehabilitation.

On and off leash walks with our pack in beautiful Hogsback.

Daycare facilities with socialization (booking essential).

Helping You Help Your Dog

Dog training that works for your busy lifestyle

Meet and Greet + Evaluation

Your pet’s health and well-being are our top priority

Usually, we receive requests on issues surrounding difficulties with canine and human interactions. Or behaviors that is regarded as abnormal by the human. The evaluation form gives us a background on you and your canine, and the expectations you have around your relationship. Thereby we can make suggestions and guide you to a more integrated and fulfilling relationship with your canine friend.

Basic training, dog psychology and socialization

Basic training, dog psychology and socialization

Here we help the canine/human unit to learn and understand each other’s way of communication. This includes basic commands like sit, stay, lay, recall, play, and grooming as basis for building a trusting relationship. We also give you background on basic dog ecology and psychology, as well as basic needs and health care. We also start to introduce your unit to larger social spheres, especially focusing on pack and pack dynamics.

Environmental and social integration and communication

Focused canine and human training at home with a home program

By this stage, the basics is done. We then start to tailor-make your program around your environment and your canine/human units’ goals. We also start socialization with our training pack, whereas you and your canine will start learning the amazing value of pack dynamics.

Specialized training

Therapy, service, worker, trainer, or guard dog

If you have specialized training request, we help in obtaining and implementing the right training regime for you and your canine to achieve your goals; be it service dog training, therapy dog training, worker dog and guard dog training. We can also assist in getting you registered with the applicable associations, if deemed necessary. Note that this is a long-term program and will last at least 2 – 3 years (case dependent).

Specialized rehabilitation

Canine specific behavioral problems, abuse, and neglect rehabilitation

Begin by serving. Serving at our local shelters is near to our hearts, you cannot receive if you do not give. And serving is our seed. We thus have acquired an affinity to helping rehabilitate canines that are aggressive, abused or neglected. Note that we do not rescue though, we only rehabilitate (although we help where we can).

Doggy walks

On and off leash walks with our pack in beautiful Hogsback

Canines are built to do many things, but one thing they LOVE in particular… THE WALK!!!!! 80% of our training is done within the walk (exercise, then discipline, then affection – thanks Cesar Milan), we daily walk our dogs in the beautiful Amathole Mountains. We also offer dog walks with training for outside canine friends, and experiencing a walk with our pack, in this environment, will change your life.

Doggy daycare

Daycare facilities with socialization (booking essential)

We have daycare facilities and socialization with our pack. You drop your canine off, and we take care of them for the day. They get access to our pack and our daily training routines. Pre-booking is essential, we only have fixed spaces available.